Why Own a Camper Van? 10 Reasons Why

Given how much choice there is regarding holidays and short breaks, it is easy to see why so many overlook the possibility of a campervan. However, due to changing circumstances around the world, the campervan has been a saviour to many, but what is it about camper vans that are so appealing?

The following is an overview of why so many people choose to purchase camper vans, as well as the reasons that make this mode of transport so alluring.

If you are still on the fence whether a camper van meets your requirements, then why not consider some following benefits when compared to other types of accommodation.

  1. Space and Comfort Come as Standard

When thinking about camper vans, it is easy to be met with visons of the classic VW camper van, which while stylish for its time, offers little in the way of modern amenities unless you opt for a custom-made option.

Fortunately, the camper van of today is much different to the past, and will allow for space and comfort, regardless of where you decide to travel.

  1. Camper Vans are Affordable

Although the idea of a holiday home sounds impressive, financially it is not always possible. However, those who decide to purchase a camper van will find it is more affordable than purchasing or renting a holiday home.

As well as being affordable, many modern camper vans are designed to be more economical in fuel consumption, meaning that those in ownership of a camper van will also spend less on petrol.

  1. Enjoy a Sense of Freedom

Booking a last-minute trip sounds great on paper, but trying to find accommodation can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. As such, many put any plans of a last-minute holiday to one side, unless they have access to a camper van.

Regardless of whether you plan a trip months in advance or suddenly have some free time available, those who own a camper van can enjoy a sense of freedom that is difficult to find elsewhere.

  1. The Perfect Fit for All the Family

Although there may have been a time when the camper van could be considered a tight squeeze, advancements made over the years means this is no longer the case.

Regardless of whether you are a family of three or seven, you will find that there are many berths available, ensuring that a weekend break never must be a stressful endeavour.

  1. Set Up Times Are Fast

Although there are many people that like to use a tent when camping, they can come with some pitfalls. Despite how affordable some tents are, they can take some time to set up, especially in difficult weather conditions. There is also the terrain you will be camping on to consider.

Of course, tents are cheaper than camper vans, but those wanting to explore various terrain in various weather conditions will find the benefits of a camper van plentiful, especially when catching some respite.

  1. Camper Vans Retain Their Value

There can be instances where some may start with a small camper van, only to find that they have to upgrade at a later time.

The remarkable thing about most camper vans is they will retain their value if they are maintained in the proper way, meaning that those wanting to upgrade can sell their current vehicle and use the money to invest in a more spacious model.

  1. Camper Vans Can Be a Good Investment

Although there are many people searching for a camper van for their own use, some may want to ensure that they are making a return on their purchase when the camper van is not in use. Although some checks will need to be, there is the potential of hiring your camper van out to other budding holiday makers.

Of course, risk assessment needs to be carried out to ensure that this is viable regarding your circumstances, but it is another benefit that highlights why camper vans are so popular.

  1. Enjoy Bonding with Friends and Family in Unique Surroundings

Not only does a camper van allow for a sense of freedom unlike anything else, but it can also mean you can bond with friends and family in unique settings. Regardless of whether you are following a band on the road or wanting to become more connected with nature, both are easily possible when owning a camper van.

  1. No Need to Worry About Lost Luggage

Travelling can be a joy, but it can also be stressful. Regardless of whether you are travelling by plane, train or coach, there will often be a need to take along luggage. Although many holiday providers do their utmost to ensure that luggage is safeguarded, the risk remains.

Fortunately, those employing using a camper van will find that lost luggage is something of the past, as everything you need will be inside the camper van.

  1. Stressing to Find Accommodation is a Thing of the Past

If you are a fan of last-minute breaks, you can often find that finding suitable accommodation is a hassle. This is never the case when you are in ownership of a camper van, as everything you need can be driven to the chosen destination.

Of course, you may need to carry out some checks beforehand, but those in ownership of a camper van will find that last minute breaks never have to be a stressful ordeal.