Which Camper Van? Steps to Finding the Right Fit

Anyone new to the world of camper vans would be forgiven for assuming that all iterations are the same, but this is not the case.

Although the beginnings of the camper van may have been humble, the industry has evolved tenfold in recent years, meaning that there is more choice than ever regarding camper vans.

Make Sure to Consider the Basics

When purchasing a camper van, it is understandable that many are excited, but it is important not overlook the basics.

When considering the different camper van options available, it is understandable that some will become excited at the choice available, but what works for one person will not necessarily work for another.

Ensuring that your basic needs are met is the ideal way of creating a foundation regarding the camper can you purchase.

The following is an overview of some considerations that should be made before deciding on a camper van.

What Size Camper Van Do You Need?

Although you will not want a tight fit when using a camper van, you also need to ensure that you are not purchasing a camper van that is too large.

If frequent family weekends are your thing then a larger model should be considered, whereas those going it alone should find smaller options that are spacious and affordable.

If you are unsure as to what size camper can is needed, then it may be worthwhile taking some more time to decide what type of travelling you want to embark on, as well as who you plan to take along.

What Type of Fuel Consumption Are Your Looking For?

There are many camper vans available that offer all kinds of features, but those wanting to be economical with their fuel consumption will need to consider some factors, including the engine type, what season the camper van will be used and the terrain you will be travelling on.

Opting for the most powerful engine can be a knee-jerk reaction many make, but there is little point in paying more than you need to for fuel for simple weekend getaways.

Do You Want a Classic or Current Camper Van?

The world of camper vans is more popular now than it has ever been, meaning that there are hundreds of different camper vans to choose from. Just as there are many people searching for a classic style, there are just as many searching for a modern take on the camper van industry.

There can be pros and cons depending on which type of camper van you choose, so comparing these pros and cons ensures you are making the best choice. For example, a classic camper can be ideal for weekend getaways and nostalgia enthusiasts, be it may struggle when it comes uneven terrain and comfort.

What Type of Layout Will You Need?

A spacious camper van is all good and well, but unless the space is used in the right way then it will be unable to meet your requirements. Fortunately, the popularity surrounding camper vans has ensured there are countless options available regarding the layout.

Those wanting to take advantage of a camper van containing wash basins and toilets will need a larger camper van than those looking for a simple and cost-effective option.

Although purchasing a larger caper van will be more expensive, it will be more cost-effective than attempting to make do with a smaller model.

Is Your Driving Licence Correct for the Camper Van You Are Considering?

When choosing a camper van, it is important to consider how much weight will be in transit. This is because the weight of the vehicle can only reach 3,500 kg among those who take their driving test on or after 1 January 1997.

Although it may seem unfair that those who took their test before have access to 7.5 tonnes, there are additional tests that can be taken.

Knowing you have the appropriate license for the camper van you are purchasing ensures there is little room for disappointment later on.

Have You Considered Using a Camper Van Specialist?

Purchasing a camper can for the first time can be an overwhelming prospect at times, especially if you are considering purchasing a second-hand camper van.

Although this can be a great way of saving money in the interim, if you are not aware of what you should look out for, then you could find that there is substantial cost regarding repairs.

The same can apply if you purchase a new camper van from an inexperienced dealership. Although there may be a lot of choice available, there is the danger of you being a camper can that does not meet your requirements.

Regardless of whether you plan to purchase a new or second-hand camper van, you should always ensure you enlist the services of a specialist. As well as ensuring that you are getting great value-for-money, using an expert also ensure you are purchasing the right type of camper van.