Bouncer’s Slick Mick Shampoo

Are you looking for the best car shampoo on the market right now? If so this will not disappoint! This car shampoo is as described, slick! It’s green in colour, thick in texture, super concentrated and a true pleasure to use, it always leaves a high gloss streak free finish with long lasting protection, it also will not strip away your wax coat. I used this product myself on a regular basis so you can say this is a honest ‘real world’ review.

Slick Mick is a car shampoo crafted by Jay Sultan, founder of Bouncers premium car care products. Bouncers have been manufacturing some of the finest car care product on offer for many years and over that time have built an unrivalled reputation that’s respected by the detailing community, car enthusiast and professional detailers, what else can you say?

The market isn’t short of car shampoos however this one is truly unique due to it’s ease of use, and the finish it leaves, it also makes it easier to dry compared to most other car shampoos. This is my Sunday go to although I also use a diluted version for black sales cars so if you’re looking for a car shampoo for a black car, look no further.

The instructions state 1-3 capfuls, I usually roughly free pour and fill a 10 litre bucket with grit guard then fill with warm water. I use microfibre sponge mitts and usually allow the to soak and absorb the solution for 5 mins, this makes it so much easier when washing. Start from the roof and work your way down, thoroughly rinse the sponge or mitt between passes. When complete rinse from the top down and dry with a soft microbore drying towel or Autoglym Chamois.

Quick tip: Always try and wash a car in cool temperatures or shaded areas, do not allow to dry as this can cause water spots, keep the body as cool as possible.